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Introduction :

Mechanical sawdust biomass briquetting machine is suitable for recycle biomass and agricultural waste into sawdust,and press the sawdust into briquettes .For first stage ,it need to change all the materials to sawdust ,and press the sawdust into different shapes with mould .It can help to save the space of waste ,press the waste into high
density fuels ,easy to transport and storage .This machine has advantages like lower power consumption ,environmental friendly ,higher working efficiency ,longer working lifttime ,and lower broken rate and maintainance rate .The briquette can be widely used for electric power industry and residential building heat supply .

Suitable raw material for briquetting :

* Forage, sawdust, straw, millet straw, wheat straw, corn straw, peanut straw, bean straw
* Tree leaves, cottonseed husk, cotton straw, shrubs
* Many other types of agro-forest waste.

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Advantages :

Mechanical stamping type biomass briquette machine adopts Swedish technology, is the most advanced briquette machine in China. With the oil forced cooling ensures lubrication and two-stage compression process, the output of one set spare part is more than 500 tons. This machine is characterized with low power consumption, large capacity, long serving time and low maintenance.

Structure :

Indonesia sawdust briquetting machine

Malaysia materials for making sawdust briquettes

Specification :




Dia. of briquette(mm)



















Machinery Including Belt conveyor
Feeding hopper
Main press machine
Control cabinet
Oil cooling equipment

Output line

wood briquetting machine in Malaysia and Thailand

Feature :

1. According to the needs of customers, briquettes diameter can be specially designed, the machine can be made of diesel

2. Machine using CWB bearings, mold material Gr12MoV, life of about 2000h, mold cost loss is relatively low, get CE certification, the market share ratio is relatively high.

3. Machine motor mesh frame as a shield, both play a protective role, but also to the machine in a timely manner heat.

4. Machine ventilation, the use of diesel isolation chamber outside the hole to prevent dust from entering the host.

5. Low power consumption, the experiment shows that the machine needs to produce the amount of electricity per hour: 40kw.h

6. The machine uses two-way feed system to ensure stable operation of the machine, briquetting yield is guaranteed.

7. Lubrication system can always be between the friction parts lubrication, when the oil pressure is relatively low, the alarm light will light, to remind workers to troubleshoot.


1. Q: What is the raw material can be used to make briquettes?
A: All biomass material
2. Q: what is the size of raw material?
A: less than 3cm
3. Q: what is the moisture of raw material?
A: lower than 15%
4. Q:Could you provide OEM service?
A: Yes.
5. Q: could you supply complete production line?
A: Yes
6. Q: could you come to customers' site to lead installation?
A: Yes. We can send our technician to lead installation.
7. Q:What is the warrenty of your machinery?

A: One year.

Environmental Parameters of Final Briquettes:

*Density: 1.1-1.3g/cm 3;
*Fuel value: 3,700 kcal~5000 kcal;
*Sulfur dioxide emissions: 0.38% (lower than the national standard 1-3%);
*Carbon dioxide emissions: 0.22% (far below the national standard);
*Residue on ignition (ash): 3.6%;
*Eco-friendly & recyclable: can be recycled as agricultural potash fertilizer.

Detailed pictures for biomass briquette making machine :

Biomass briquetting machine manufacturing :

Briquetting machines export to Indonesia

best briquetting machines in China

Screw conveyor input and feeding to briquetting machine :

Output of sawdust briquettes :

wood briquetting machines in Thailand

Motor protection for the briquetting press machine :

Strong chain for the feeding of briquetting machine :

6 holes output for briquettes :

Connection of the output mould :

Biomass briquetting machines export to Europe


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