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“Vertical Ring Die Pellet Mills”, have absorbed the quintessence of pellet mills in both domestic and international market, adopt ”double-layer die” as the unique structure;Rollers are made of abrasion-proof alloy steel,improving the using lifetime of spare parts greatly;For the drive parts,the grease is filtrated automatically lubricated properly.Special design,rational structure,low power consumption,high efficiency,durable use,supplying the blank of vertical feeding ofring-die pellet mill at home,reach the international advanced level.Specialized for biomass pellets making with crushed powder of materials like Wood Chips,Branches,Tree Trunk,Barks,Plant Waste, Crop Straw,Ricehusk,Peanut shells,Bamboo and Palm fiber, etc.


Model Power(kw) Pellets Diameter (mm) Capacity(t/h) Weight(t) Dimension(mm)
LD400 37+0.75+0.37 6/8/10 0.5—0.7 2 1960*900*1460
LD450 55+0.75+0.37 6/8/10 0.71 2.5 2020*1000*1500
LD560 90+1.5+0.55+0.75 6/8/10 1—1.5 5 2600*1300.2300
LD620 110+1.5+0.55+0.75 6/8/10 1.5—2 5.5 2950*1300*2450
LD850 220+2.2+0.55+1.1 6/810 2—3 13 3666*1600*2738


1. Feeding vertically, free of arch of the raw materials, easy for the heat emission in pelleting room.

2.Ring die with double layer, up and down dual use,reducing production cost.

3. Die fixed while rollers rotating, producing much higher presion, and materials are centrifugal,evenly distributed around, improving production capacity and also assuring  pellets hardness and density.

4.With automatic lubrication system,easy maintenance,reducing cost, prolonging working life of the equipment.

5. 24 hours continuous operation, saving labour.

6. Centrifugal high efficiency, high pressure, suitable for difficult to press materials.

7. Low wear rate, pressure roller die plate long life.

8. Wide raw materials  adaptability.

Performance ratio and cost-effective: on the basis of similar equipment to improve the technological content of the aircraftand functions.1)Long life of the disc: The mold is made of special steel special processing technology developed.

2)In full consideration of the price of the carrying capacity of the majority of users, especially farmers in the processing ofthe cost.

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